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EzPlatform newbie... totally lost !

EzPlatform newbie... totally lost !

Friday 29 September 2017 4:32:12 pm - 8 replies

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I've been working on EzPublish for more than 8 years right now (at all levels: hosting, development and editing). And now I'm just diving into EzPlatform's world (open-source, not enterprise).

Everything seems to be new for me, and I feel like really lost, at all levels !!!

As an IT admin: Installation, config and package handling, composer, git, bundles management, app, config, yml files, all command lines, cache management, etc...

As a developper: bundles, versions, symfony, extensions and object classes developpement, templating with twig, responsive and bootstrap, etc...

Today I've just installed 2 instances "ezsystems/ezplatform clean" and "ezsystems/ezplatform-demo demo" following the EzPlatform docs (composer and manual methods)... it works, but I have to say I don't really understand how, where files go, and how to repair in case of failure.

and now I have to go on, making a new website, with new templates, new object classes, responsive design... to reach at least the same level of knowledge I used to have with my old-school methods in EzPublish.

There are so much knowledge to learn, I feel so lost... please give me tips, so that I don't fall into depression.

Thanks a lot in advance.





Je travaille depuis plus de 8 ans avec EzPublish (sur un peu tous les points: hébergement, développement, édition...). Je viens de plonger dans le monde EzPlatform.

Absolument tout me parait nouveau, je me sens perdu, à tous les niveaux !

En tant que IT / Admin: installation, configs, gestion de packages, composer, git, gestion des bundles, app, config, fichier yml, les lignes de coommandes, gestion du cache, etc...

En tant que développeur: bundles, versions, symfony, developpement d'extensions et classes d'objets, templates twig, responsive et bootstrap,, etc...

Aujourd'hui je viens d'installer 2 instances "ezsystems/ezplatform clean" et "ezsystems/ezplatform-demo demo" en suivant les docs EzPlatform (methodes composer et manuelle)... ca marche, mais je ne maitrise pas vraiment ce que je fais, ou les choses se placent, etc... et comment réparer en cas de crash.

Maintenant je dois aller de l'avant, créer un nouveau website, avec de nouveaux templates, nouvelles classes d'objets, responsive design... et atteindre un niveau au moins aussi bon que ce que je connaissais dans le monde EzPublish avec mes vieilles methodes.

Il y a tellement de connaissances à acquérir, je me sens perdu... s'il vous plait quelques conseils, pour ne pas se noyer en partant dans tous les sens.

Merci beaucoup d'avance.


Wednesday 04 October 2017 11:33:51 am

Hello Samuel,

I can totally understand how overwhelming it can be to switch from eZ Publish to eZ Platform. To try and learn all about the new version, and have all these questions.

Did you join our Slack channel already? See It might be an idea to join, if you have not done so yet. And start by posting one question at a time.

We also have the 'bike ride' beginner tutorial which could be interesting to look in to. 

Do let me know if you get stuck. And any feedback on your path of discovery is very welcome. Especially if something is missing, if we can make improvements on this.

Friday 13 October 2017 3:48:01 pm

Thank you for your reply, Robin.

Yes, I joined the Slack channel. It's a bit confusing since everything is in a raw, and not structured as chapters.

I will start with beginners tutorials... and ask questions one by one...

Sunday 15 October 2017 8:52:27 am

Please let me know when you get stuck. Or have feedback in general.

With "in a raw, and not structured as chapters...", do you mean the documentation?

Tuesday 17 October 2017 2:38:04 pm

No, I didn't mean documentation, I meant the "slack" community ( But I didn't realize there were several channels... How to list the full channel list ?


I started with the "bike ride" tutorial. Yes, it is very useful, to see the global way of doing and creating a web site with my own object class.


What frightens me, is that I will have to build a website from zero, I mean to re-develop everything from scratch, even the very basic functionality.

As I remember, when I started with EzPublish 8 or 9 years ago, I started with the 2 extensions "ezwebin" and "ezflow"... which helped me a lot to create all my websites --> my question is: is there any similar extensions, or bundles, to start working with a good basic functionalities (in terms of views, blocks, etc...) ?



Wednesday 18 October 2017 1:33:45 pm

Hello Samual,

With regards to Slack channels, on the top right you see "Channels" directly below "All threads" and your profilename. Click on it to view a full list of channels.

As for the 'quick start' question and bundles, I'll ask around and see if I can find a correct answer.

Wednesday 18 October 2017 3:01:10 pm

Hello Samuel!

I totally agree with you. The first time you see eZ Platform (from a legacy developer point of view), you're lost.

Regarding your feedback about ezflow and ezwebin, those "design" were demo websites. It's definitely not a great idea to start your project on a demo. Those demos have been build for specific purposes: demo the product to customers, show examples to developers... It's better to start from scratch when you create a new instance.

This was valid for eZ Publish and it's still valid for eZ Platform. ezplatform-demo repo is for demo purposes. Not to start a project.That's why we have the clean install.

You'll think that you'll loose time for the development. Maybe at the beginning, but you won't have headaches regarding demo bugs or performances issues.

To answer your question, we don't have bundles to start with basic functionalities. This might come next year at some point.

The Bike Tide tutorial is a good start. If you want to see a real website running under eZ Platform, you can check The code is here: 

You can install it locally: 

app/console ezplatform:install app

Hope this helps.

Wednesday 18 October 2017 6:40:17 pm

Thanks for answering this Sylvain happy.gif Emoticon

Note to Samual: Sylvain is on the Product Management team at eZ.

Saturday 02 December 2017 3:28:28 am

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