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FullText search not working on legacy search engine?

FullText search not working on legacy search engine?

Saturday 26 March 2016 2:42:48 am - 2 replies

Hi all

I'm using eZ Platform version v1.2.1 running on kernel v6.2.1, with legacy search engine.

I've created some content (using the API) with a field that is marked as searchable.
Now I am trying to use the searchService to locate this content, but it never returns any hits. 
I've noticed that my field values are not reflected on ezsearch_word table, where the queries seem to be looking for it.

I'm afraid that I might be missing something very basic about this. My search code is quite simple (got it from the cookbook)

$query = new \eZ\Publish\API\Repository\Values\Content\Query();        
$query->filter = new Query\Criterion\FullText( $author );
$result = $searchService->findContent( $query ); 
$output->writeln( 'Searching for ' . $author );
$output->writeln( 'Found ' . $result->totalCount . ' items' );
foreach ( $result->searchHits as $searchHit ) {
  $output->writeln( $searchHit->valueObject->contentInfo->name );

Is there any updatesearchindex process that can be executed for legacy search engine?

Cheers & Thanks

Modified on Saturday 26 March 2016 2:43:55 am by Io Sol Inf

Saturday 26 March 2016 3:21:29 am

Ok, I've workaround my issue with the use of

 $query->filter = new Criterion\Field('name', Criterion\Operator::EQ, $author);

but I am still wondering if FullText was supposed to work here...


Wednesday 04 May 2016 4:52:19 pm


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