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How to change root default install EZPlatform Content

How to change root default install EZPlatform Content

Thursday 14 January 2016 3:30:14 pm

When you install EZPlatform clean way, we will have created by default with Content ID 1 Location 2 , of type Folder, Content with title EZ Platform. I've noticed that this ID and location is used by API, if I delete this one by Send to trash than everything is compromised, I have the following error

    "ErrorMessage": {
        "_media-type": "application\/vnd.ez.api.ErrorMessage+json",
        "errorCode": 404,
        "errorMessage": "Not Found",
        "errorDescription": "Could not find 'location' with identifier '2'",

So delete this content is not a solution, than how to replace it?

Modified on Thursday 14 January 2016 3:43:53 pm by Andrei Moraru

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