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How to change the address to backoffice ?

How to change the address to backoffice ?

Tuesday 12 April 2016 9:09:00 am - 1 reply

Hello guys,

I'm pretty new to eZ Publish and I would like to change the address to my backoffice.
Actually it is something like this : [virtual_host]/ez#/login

I would like to change at least the ez# by something else. Is there a way to do this ?


The second point is, I guess, more complicated :

I would like to have different URIs to my website. Each of these URIs belong to an environement, for example :

  • Integration env :
  • Production env :
  • Preprod env : mysite.preprod.dom

I tried to use siteaccess but I do believe that there is some points missing in the documentation.I don't get how this code can work :
# Siteaccess configuration, with one siteaccess per default
    list: [site]
        site_group: [site]
    default_siteaccess: site
        HostElement: 2

It means that the address [XXX].site.[YYY] should work ? I don't get how it could if I didn't set any VirtualHost to this address ?Maybe I have to create as many VirtualHost as I need to access to the site ?

Thanks for your help.

Modified on Tuesday 12 April 2016 9:11:12 am by Grudu Grudo

Friday 15 April 2016 5:46:07 pm

Hi Grudu,

as of changing the "/ez"-part of the uri for the backoffice, i would suggest, overwriting (using your own) routing.yml for the backend itself.
The main routing.yml to change the reference in is at "ezpublish/config/routing.yml"

    resource: "@eZPlatformUIBundle/Resources/config/routing.yml"

Copy the contents of "vendor/ezsystems/platform-ui-bundle/Resources/config/routing.yml" to a routing.yml withing a bundle of your own and link this one instead. Changing the "path"-parameter for the "ez"-route should do the trick.
Keep in mind, that I have yet to try this approach. Would be nice to get a heads up from you if it works or does not work. This should work in theory though.

On the second question, I'd suggest to configure the domain-mapping for your environments in the corresponding ezpublish_<env>.yml-files. The matching-mechanism itself would than be "Map\Host" with the full domain.
Then you are required to configure a vhost for each environment you want to expose.
As ezpublish_prod.yml will only be loaded if you are within the context of the prod-environment, you can configure the prod-domains there. Same applies to integration/preprod.

Using different environments can also help a great deal when aiming to have a clean configuration.

Hope this helps. If there is anything more, just ask. happy.gif Emoticon

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