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How to configure the available tools in AlloyEditor

How to configure the available tools in AlloyEditor

Thursday 10 August 2017 2:01:25 pm - 8 replies

How can I add i.e. the numbered list option to the AlloyEditor?

Looks like numbered list is supported according to the alloy web site, but there's no button for it in ez admin GUI.

Friday 11 August 2017 12:54:39 pm

Hello Tore,

Would this article help? See

Monday 14 August 2017 5:47:53 pm

This is for adding custom buttons/functionality to the editor isn't it? Is it really necessary to go through all these steps for adding a standard feature?

For instance, I need to enable a numbered list, which seems to be supported by the editor:

I see that these buttons are already stored in this location: 



But I understand that editing anything in the vendor folder is BAD practice. So how do I add numbered list to my installation?

Tuesday 22 August 2017 12:59:37 am

Hello Tore,

Sadly I think you will need to go to the additional work as hinted at.

You should direct your efforts to overriding or replacing the code (as needed) within the src bundle folder or later once complete with your own replacement in your own vendor folder.

You definitely do not want to make any modifications to existing code in the vendor folder directly.

I hope this helps.


Thursday 28 September 2017 3:38:09 pm

Hello I would like to know how you finally did this.

I have the same problem, I want to add a standard feature which is in Alloy Editor, but I don't know how.

The link is to extend the rich text editor, but I just want to activate an existant option...

Thank you for your answer

Friday 29 September 2017 8:47:12 am

Hi Solène

I had to go with the solution Robin suggested:

I installed the bundle as described, and added my own numbered list implementation. Let me know if you want to see the code or any more details.

I must say I'm a suprised that this is so cumbersome when the functionality is already in the Alloy editor. Hopefully eZ will make more features available as default in future releases. Does anyone know about future plans for this?

Friday 29 September 2017 10:04:01 am

Hello Tore

Thank you for your answer. I think I have no choice I will take the time and make a new bundle.

I agree with you it would be great if there was a easily way to activate an option in the editor...

To be continued happy.gif Emoticon


Modified on Friday 29 September 2017 11:44:13 am by Solène Guillot

Wednesday 04 October 2017 11:25:42 am

A recent pull request which could be interesting:

Sunday 15 October 2017 11:33:05 am

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