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Internal link field type

Internal link field type

Tuesday 21 June 2016 12:46:42 am

Hi all

I've been playing with eZ Platform (16.04 now) and I am puzzled that I am unable to find a field type for something like an internal link (legacy eznode:// url's).

I am in the process of adding a content type for banners, for instance, which consists of a name, an image and a link. This link could either be an external (new stack field type "url"blunk.gif Emoticon or an internal link (relation ?). Are there no plans to include a field type that combines these two? (If I could avoid needing to include two fields and instruct my content managers to fill one or the other, depending on the context... )

I also miss the select box interface for legacy object relation / object relations. Are there any plans to re-introduce this input method? Browsing is so often not the best way to select tabled values for relation fields...

While on the subject... happy.gif Emoticon Are there any plans to extend new stack's relation field type to enable content type limitation for single relation field values?

Cheers and thanks for your feedback,

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