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Multiple Site and multiple design

Multiple Site and multiple design

Monday 22 February 2016 5:24:37 pm - 7 replies

Hi all

Is it possible to setup multiple sites under the same installation of eZ Platform, using different repository and different designs for each site?

I've setup multi repository for sites matched with Map\Host

But I not being able to specify which DesignBundle to be used for each site. Can anyone provide a working example for this?

Also, would it be possible for me to load different bundles depending on the site(access). Would I need to setup different ENV values to be used in AppKernel.php ?

Thank you, in advance,

Monday 22 February 2016 6:26:22 pm

Ok. I've been able to select design using host in routing.yml

The other question still remains. What is the best way to load different bundles in AppKernel based on current site (hostname) in use?

Tuesday 23 February 2016 10:00:11 am


Yes it's possible to define mutliple siteaccess. You can define your 2 site in 2 differents bundles if they share nothing. AppKernel is not related to eZ publish bur Symfony 2 . When you create your bundle (php app/console gene:bundle) it will be added in AppKernel automatically to be loaded by Symfony. You will have to configure only your siteaccess to match good templates.

Tuesday 23 February 2016 12:45:32 pm

If you need diffent appKerrnel for your sites have a look into our CJW Multisite Setup.

We have a demo setup you can check out based on ezpublish 1411    (frontend ezp5/platform backend ezpublish_legacy)

With this setup you can develop independend sites on the same ez src installation. Every site app has his own kernel!!!

In this setup we also demonstrate our CjwPublishToolsBundle which has some nice tools and functions you can use for developing sites.

Wednesday 24 February 2016 4:37:42 pm

Hi Boris,

additional information aboutthe multi site and multi repository you can look into the eZ Publish Summer Camp workshop:

The slides:

The workshop an video:


greetings, ekke

Thursday 25 February 2016 10:25:19 am

Hy Ekkehard,
Thanks for those links but I think  Io Sol Inf will be more interested than me happy.gif Emoticon . I'm not working with eZ at this time sad.gif Emoticon .

Thursday 25 February 2016 10:36:17 am

Hi Boris,

that's the result of beeing too fast, but Boris ist easier to write than Io Sol Inf blunk.gif Emoticon Perhaps you should start now with eZ Publish / eZ Platform blunk.gif Emoticon


Greetings ekke

Friday 26 February 2016 3:51:36 pm

Thank you all, for your thoughts on this. I'll explore it to a deeper extend during the weekend.

Plain "io" will do, Ekke happy.gif Emoticon



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