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Search Legacy vs search engine / findContent & findLocation

Search Legacy vs search engine / findContent & findLocation

Monday 30 January 2017 12:05:53 pm - 1 reply


I'm updating ElasticSearch bundle to make it work again. I'm using ELK 5.1

After overriding some classes and manage new method, it work great !

Now i'm thinking about the backward compatibility between a search engine and the search legacy.

I would like to switch between the legacy and the search engine easily, but this case can't be manage ?

Exemple :

Legacy can make a findLocation with a filter on attribute value

ELK have to make a findContent to filter on a attribute value. I can use the findContent and would like to order by location id -> not authorized (but it is possible to implement the nested sort by, so too bad searchService refuse )

So it is not 100% compatible.

In the futur, are you going to clearly separate the findContent and findLocation in the legacy ? i think it is a good way to use findContent for attribute filtering.

Do you have a idea how to switch search method 100 %compatible ?

Tuesday 31 January 2017 3:56:21 pm

Ok i've manage it using the type "parent" on location index to the content index.

So now we can filter on contentField using queryLocation.


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