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Session Based & Basic authentication

Session Based & Basic authentication

Tuesday 29 November 2016 7:15:52 pm


- Use eZ Platform's backoffice to manage content(Session Based Authentication)

- Use eZ's REST API in basic authentication mode to expose the data



1)According to the docs(, session base authentication is applied by default. Infact it seems that this is the method used to login an editor to the backoffice.

2)According to the docs, one must uncomment the 'ezpublish_rest' firewall in security.yml to enable basic authentication.

Infact if i enable basic authentication, i can successfully query eZ via REST API's in basic authentication mode.

Unfortunately this breaks the backoffice login functionality. When logging in to the backoffice, the editor is presented with the following error message: "An unexpected error occurred" which is caused by a 500 error "A Token was not found in the TokenStorage".



- Is my goal feasable? Or am i obbliged to use REST API in Session Base authentication mode?


Thank You

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