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updatecontentobjectname not updating name pattern

updatecontentobjectname not updating name pattern

Thursday 28 January 2016 6:44:30 pm - 1 reply

Hi there,

I using the updatecontentobjectname script to update objet name pattern.

Problem : For some reason the name pattern is not updated when the parent node is hidden.
(hidden by superior)
Is the script not updating hidden objects ?

Other info :

For nodes that are not hidden if the name pattern is partially filled <field_1> - <field_2>

The name pattern becomes :"field_1 - " OR "- field_2"
But not for the hidden nodes.


Modified on Friday 29 January 2016 10:33:27 am by Task Mikaƫl

Saturday 02 April 2016 1:33:11 am

Hi Task

I'm not sure if you have not already solved this issue in the meantime, but could it be that you were executing the script against the default siteaccess (frontend?) which had no permission to view hidden or invisible content?

My suggestion would be to execute the script using the admin siteaccess.

But this is just an hunch, I have never used this script myself



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