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blank page - ezpub 5.4

blank page - ezpub 5.4

Sunday 28 January 2018 1:33:25 pm - 1 reply

hello i have blank white page sad.gif Emoticon can anyone help me ? what i did ...

i decided to update php from 5.3.8 to 5.6after upgrade my main site has blank white page. but anyway if i open it works.

Not fully because my links doesnt work ( i have not module found error - kernel (3))
so i back with php version to 5.3.8 again but it is the same sad.gif Emoticon blank white page againso i suppose that php version has nothing to do with error.
i tried to clear all ezpub cache but it won't help.

i didn't touch any config - so it was working before php action - now its not
ezpub 5.4 
best regards

ps. all other non ezpub sites works without problems

Wednesday 21 March 2018 7:29:46 am

Hello Daniel,

What version of eZ Publish Community Build are you using exactly? Or rather how did you install this installation of eZ Publish? This answer will help us tell you more accurately what version your using and what you need to do to fix your problem.

5.4 is kinda a brand more than a specific version when it comes right down to it.

To me it sounds like you forgot you would need to upgrade eZ Publish to the latest version at the same time or just after your upgrade of PHP was complete. Many people forget this when migrating from php5.3+

In the mean time you can review the ezpublish error.log file for specifics on what is breaking and / or enable debug output and review the page debug information displayed.

Also, how did you clear all cache specifically? This may have not been done accurately or completely which could be why your having problems restoring the website functionality after downgrading back to php5.3+

I've seen lots of people posting about this same situation and it's almost always because they need to remember to upgrade both eZ and PHP at the same time.

I hope this helps.



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