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Cache accumulation

Cache accumulation

Thursday 04 September 2014 3:06:11 pm - 5 replies

Is anyone has problem with cache accumulation in dev environement? In dev I have my cache is doing 3G and more before cache:clear. This problem is due to dev environement ?

Thursday 04 September 2014 3:21:51 pm

Hi Bru. Yes, it seems this is something many devs are experiencing. But maybe is not strictly an eZ problem. i found that changing only a setting could save many many memory. 

i added a comment in jira https://jira.ez.no/browse/EZP-23275, i copy paste it here.


Indeed i had the same problem, but found the most consuming thing in eZ5 is not how eZ5 is developed. More consuming thing is the StashBundle.

Please have a look at https://doc.ez.no/display/EZP/Logging+configuration.

i made a comment there because from 2014.07 we're using versión 0.4 from the bundle and the logging setting have been changed to "tracking".

i have a home using ezflow with some controllers that calls another controllers, that called another controllers... I had also a problem in one of them and all the thing reached about 1.9 GB in dev env.

Just disabling the logging/tracking thing, memory usage went down to 500M aprox. Big difference.

Found too that reducing subrequest could gain some memory, but as said, the more consuming part was this.

Edit: The good part is the memory usage in prod enviroments. In my case found that memory usage was about 18M for the first request after cleaning caches, and about 7.5M when the same page gets cached.

Thursday 04 September 2014 6:33:22 pm

q1: is this the sf on-disk cache?

q2: are you using the sf reverse proxy?

q3: have you enabled the stash cache for SPI objects?

Both the sf-reverse-proxy and the stash-cache-for-SPI can consume quite a lot of disk space. And they never get cleaned iirc (not 100% sure about the SPI cache), only expired - so you can have a lot of useless files on disk in ezpublish/cache. This is a known problem with Symfony.

Monday 08 September 2014 9:38:07 am

I don't understand your q1.

I'm using reverse proxy (#SetEnv USE_HTTP_CACHE 1).

I didn't enabled stash cache for SPI object (I didn't do specific thing) but it seems that this parameter is set to true by default :


 ezpublish.spi.persistence.cache.persistenceLogger.enableCallLogging: false

Thanks Carlos for your help I will try add this configuration. I'm working on an important project so I wasn't surpised about an important cache. I was more suprised for a smaller project using only two ezpublish objects on a one page website.

Thanks for your help.

Monday 08 September 2014 10:23:46 am

It seems that your link doesn't work https://jira.ez.no/browse/EZP-23275 . I only found this :


Monday 08 September 2014 10:34:03 am

it seems a coma is added at the end or the url.  try to delete it in your browser. Anyway, what's said there is said here happy.gif Emoticon


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