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CDATA on embed for display image

CDATA on embed for display image

Wednesday 08 October 2014 3:41:30 pm - 1 reply


I make a table on Bloc XML who display many images. But no image appears.

When I check Inspector elements, I see that :

        <embed view="embed" size="medium" object_id="85" customomg.gif Emoticonffset="0" custom:limit="5">
        <!--[CDATA[<img src="/var/ezdemo_site/storage/images/media/images/planche-banana/441-1-fre-FR/Planche-Banana_reference.jpg" class="imgFull" alt="Planche Banana" title="" /-->

"<!--" interpreter my code as a comment... How remove CDATA ?

Another question happy.gif Emoticon :

In my template, I put :

{% if not ez_is_field_empty( content, "tableau_comparatif" ) %}
    <h2>Tableau comparatif</h2>
    <div class="wrapTableResponsive">
        {{ ez_render_field( content, 'tableau_comparatif' ) }}
{% endif %}

But the render is :

<h2>Tableau comparatif</h2>
<div class="wrapTableResponsive">
    <div class="ezxmltext-field">
        <!--?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?-->
        <section xmlns:image="" xmlns:xhtml="" xmlns:custom="">
            <paragraph xmlns:tmp="">
                <table class="default" border="0" width="100%" custom:summary="Tableau comparaison">
... etc... 

Is it possible to remove "<!--?xml....etc... <section xmlns....etc...<paragraph..." and just let <table ...> ?

Infos : EzPublish version 2014.7
Thx for your help happy.gif Emoticon 

Thursday 09 October 2014 11:23:28 am

It's ok.

Same problem :

happy.gif Emoticon



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