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Clean URL

Clean URL

Thursday 06 April 2017 3:49:52 pm - 2 replies


I have some url with a number at the end. I would like to change the url.

For exemple :

Now :

I would like :

Same with the childs urls.

Is there a script to do this ? 
I use the Community Project 2013.9 Version.


Friday 07 April 2017 9:31:21 am

Hi Johann,

The TEST2 was probably created because the TEST was not free at the time of creation. For example if you copy an object. When you delete the original object with TEST url, the one with TEST2 will not change the url, not even after republish. 
There is an updateniceurls script which I can't remember now if it will fix the problem or not. The only sure way to change the url is to rename the object to something like TEST3 and then to TEST, this will force the new url creation.  

Saturday 08 April 2017 7:29:46 am

Thanks. I found my problem. There was an other node called test somewhere. 


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