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Custom user content class

Custom user content class

Tuesday 20 May 2014 5:37:25 pm - 1 reply

Hi Community,

In my site, I use 2 content classes for the users :

  • the ezpublish class for backend users
  • a custom one for frontend users

When I log in to the site with a user of my custom classe, I get an error (TwigBundle:Exception:error500.html.twig).

I have no error when I connect with a user of the ezpublish class even id they are in the same group.

Is it possible to have several user content classes on eZ5 ?



Friday 28 November 2014 11:33:23 am

Hello Madeline,

Hope this is not to late but I just stumbled on almost the same issue when trying to implement my custom UserProvider and AuthenticationProvider with my custom User class and after digging in eZCore I found that:

1. Even if you implement yout UserProvider and AuthenticationProvider and you modify the security.yml to use them, at the end you end up with a different type of user(userWrapped) and token

private 'wrappedUser' =>     ........../CustomUserBundle\Entity\User

This is accomplished by eZ by the SecurityListener, which listens to SecurityEvents::INTERACTIVE_LOGIN & KernelEvents::REQUEST event types, and creates a specific type of Token(InteractiveLoginToken) and UserWrapped

eZ\Publish\Core\MVC\Symfony\Security\EventListener/SecurityListener @ line 139

$interactiveToken = new InteractiveLoginToken(            $this->getUser( $originalUser, $apiUser ),            get_class( $token ),            $token->getCredentials(),            $providerKey,            $token->getRoles()        );

For me the problem was not overriding the login system and it's providers(I got the user logged in), but when I tried accessing the pages that used FormTypes where data_class was test to myCustomUserClass; as I was using getUser() to get the user from the session inside the controllers, I always ended up with that UserWrapped which (here it gets worse), does not allow you to access or retrieve the private wrappedUser object stored within;

So @ the moment I am trying to get in touch with an eZ expert and/or try to find a not ugly/ pretty is out of discussion, workaround

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