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Default .htaccess file refinement

Default .htaccess file refinement

Thursday 12 December 2013 12:45:01 pm


I just want to share this with people who could encounter the same problem. It may seems obvious for some people, it wasn't for me at the first time happy.gif Emoticon

This is what my front page looks like after a fresh install of eZ Publish 5.2 


I add these lines to the default .htaccess to make things work properly :

RewriteRule ^css/.* - [L]
 RewriteRule ^js/.* - [L]
 RewriteRule ^bundles/[^/]+/(css|images|js?)/.* - [L]

I also add this line to be able to use the dev environment

RewriteRule ^index_dev\.php - [L]

This way I can access mysite.dev/index_dev.php. If I don't, eZ Publish shows a kernel error page.

Modified on Friday 13 December 2013 2:23:28 pm by Julien Huon

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