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Embedded images removed from XML block after publish

Embedded images removed from XML block after publish

Monday 25 March 2013 12:39:56 am - 1 reply

I'm running eZ Publish 5 (2013.1) in legacy mode and using eZ templates not twig.

I'm having a really weird and frustrating issue where I can embed an image in content via the wysiwyg editor and it shows up while still in edit mode, but once you click the publish button, the image is removed from the content.

Does anyone have any idea why this might be happening? I'm sure I have the correct image embed templates defined in my override settings but I don't think this is the issue as it's not as if the images aren't displaying correctly, they are being removed completely from the content.

I'm not getting any errors of note in the log files.

Any help would be great!


Tuesday 26 March 2013 8:49:54 am

Hi Wayne

just a blind guess, coming from similar experiences with older versions of eZ and also using ImageMagick... If your images are JPEG, make sure they are in RGB color space, not CMYK.

Unfortunately there is no easy way to check this automatically in ImageMagic, as far as I know.

Hope this helps!

Regards, Donat


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