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Error in admin interface hide/unhide

Error in admin interface hide/unhide

Friday 24 May 2013 12:31:33 pm - 7 replies

Hi, I don't know if this is related to

But I am using the latest ez publish, 2013.5, and I see that there's a similar problem in admin interface when trying to hide/unhide nodes using the context menu (advanced) in the left tree menu. To reproduce you need just try to hide/unhide the same node a couple of times.

Error message is:


{"error_code":0,"node_id":"114","children_count":6,"children":[{"node_id":189,"object_id":189,"class_id":21,"has_children":false,"name":"Frontpage blokk 1","url":"\/siteadmin\/areopagos\/toppmeny-1\/block-frontpage-blokk-1","modified_subnode":1369384379,"languages":["nor-NO"],"is_hidden":false,"is_invisible":false},{"node_id":140,"object_id":140,"class_id":27,"has_children":false,"name":"Gallery","url":"\/siteadmin\/areopagos\/toppmeny-1\/Gallery","modified_subnode":1369384379,"languages":["nor-NO"],"is_hidden":false,"is_invisible":false},{"node_id":115,"object_id":115,"class_id":1,"has_children":true,"name":"Sidemeny 1","url":"\/siteadmin\/areopagos\/toppmeny-1\/Sidemeny-1","modified_subnode":1369384379,"languages":["nor-NO"],"is_hidden":false,"is_invisible":false},{"node_id":119,"object_id":119,"class_id":1,"has_children":false,"name":"Sidemeny 2","url":"\/siteadmin\/areopagos\/toppmeny-1\/Sidemeny-2","modified_subnode":1369391068,"languages":["nor-NO"],"is_hidden":false,"is_invisible":false},{"node_id":120,"object_id":120,"class_id":1,"has_children":false,"name":"Sidemeny 3","url":"\/siteadmin\/areopagos\/toppmeny-1\/Sidemeny-3","modified_subnode":1369384379,"languages":["nor-NO"],"is_hidden":false,"is_invisible":false},{"node_id":121,"object_id":121,"class_id":1,"has_children":false,"name":"Sidemeny 4","url":"\/siteadmin\/areopagos\/toppmeny-1\/Sidemeny-4","modified_subnode":1369384379,"languages":["nor-NO"],"is_hidden":false,"is_invisible":false}]}

Modified on Friday 24 May 2013 12:32:23 pm by Thiago Campos Viana

Thursday 30 May 2013 9:39:58 am

Change $ViewList['hide'] to:
$ViewList['hide'] = array(
    'functions' => array( 'hide' ),
    'ui_context' => 'ajax',
    'default_navigation_part' => 'ezcontentnavigationpart',
    'script' => 'hide.php',
    'params' => array( 'NodeID' ) );
!in_array( $uiContextName, array( 'edit', 'administration', 'browse', 'authentication' ) ) )
!in_array( $uiContextName, array( 'edit', 'administration', 'browse', 'authentication', 'ajax' ) ) )

Thursday 30 May 2013 10:50:18 am

Hi Thiago,

Thanks for reporting, and also posting a workaround. Do you know if this was added to the issue tracker already?


Regards Robin

Thursday 30 May 2013 12:25:46 pm

I added it earlier.

Modified on Friday 07 June 2013 9:26:29 am by Thiago Campos Viana

Thursday 30 May 2013 12:38:34 pm

Thanks Thiago! You can ignore my replies then happy.gif Emoticon


-- Robin

Tuesday 14 January 2014 8:00:24 pm

I can confirm this is still an issue in eZP 5.1 (Legacy mode)

Was this only fixed for eZ Community version?

Is Thiago's fix still recommended or should we patch our code using what was committed in the link above?

Modified on Tuesday 14 January 2014 8:01:11 pm by Brandon Chambers

Tuesday 14 January 2014 8:19:19 pm

Apologies, I was not clear enough in my previous post so I thought it warrants another post for further clarification.

What is interesting is that the commit is in github and was accepted as a PR, but no one added the code recommended by "xmak" (an inline comment for kernel/private/classes/ezpkernelweb.php) and Thiago in this thread.

When I make the change in kernel/private/classes/ezpkernelweb.php:

!in_array( $uiContextName, array( 'edit', 'administration', 'browse', 'authentication' ) ) )
!in_array( $uiContextName, array( 'edit', 'administration', 'browse', 'authentication', 'ajax' ) ) )

The issue was fixed.

Can we get a confirmation from eZ Systems team member(s)?

Wednesday 15 January 2014 2:21:48 pm

Hi Brandon,


This was fixed after 5.1 was live, and it technically is in "master" and in 5.2 out of the box.
But if it is not in any of the service packs for  5.1 I would suggest that you report this to Support and refer to the pull request which then is missing from service packs:


André R.

Modified on Wednesday 15 January 2014 2:23:00 pm by André R


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