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Error in eZ Publish because of the use of jms Security Extra Bundle

Error in eZ Publish because of the use of jms Security Extra Bundle

Thursday 15 October 2015 4:17:11 pm - 2 replies

Hi. I have a project where for some parts i'm using jms Security Extra Bundle. All were well until i updated to the last ezpublish-kernel and legacy-bridge versions. After that i get this error with that stack trace 


What i found is that function is trying to do a class_exists on CliHandler when symfony calls initalizeContainer method.

But it seems that class_exists throws the error because ezpKernelInterface is not loaded (yet). AFAIK, we require ezpublish_legacy/autoload.php from our legacy-bridge bundle in the boot method

But this is method hasn't been called yet and so the error came. So, the question is... is there any way to require this ezpublish_legacy/autoload.php before symfony calls initializeContainer or, maybe, should i dismiss continue using this jms Security Extra Bundle?

Thank you. 

Friday 16 October 2015 10:11:45 am

Hi Carlos

Well, either legacy is not installed or not loaded. My guess is that you should check that the legacy bundle is enabled:

    enabled: true 

Friday 16 October 2015 1:50:15 pm

Thanks Jérôme. It wasn't that. I had everything enabled. Problem finally seemed to came from that external AopBundle i'm using. it seemed to go over all classes. When the class had a factoryService function returns doing nothing, but when the class handn't it tried to do a class_exists on it. 

Problem seem to appeared after this commit

but as said on slack, there shouldn't be a problem on doing that. Problem was the other bundle didn't find the factoryService for that class anymore. modifying external bundle code a bit the thing goes as expected. 

There are other people sending pr to that other bundle to solve this, but still haven't been accepted. 

Fortunately we have found the cause of this happy.gif Emoticon. Thanks!. 


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