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Ez5 - Create a form ?

Ez5 - Create a form ?

Tuesday 19 February 2013 1:33:23 pm - 3 replies


I started working with Ez 5. I created custom class in EzAdmin and I want to make a form to let my customer create thoses classes.

Is there a way to generate a form for my class (in the symfony way) ? Because I'm building my form in my twig template with HTML markups and I've lot of validation problem in my controller via the ContentService..What are the best practices to create the form ?

Thank you !

Tuesday 19 February 2013 2:29:26 pm

Hi Fabrice

Currently there is no binding between fieldtypes and Symfony forms (will come probably in 5.1).

What are those validation issues you have ?

Tuesday 19 February 2013 2:39:55 pm

Thanks for your reply,

So it means I have to ?

  • create the twig template forms (with not variables like content?)
  • Send to my controller, get each values ?
  • Then use the ContentCreateStruc to save ?


Currently I've my form (from scratch) but the input form return for PHP : string value. So Ez detects String to create a ezinteger...So must I get the value from the $request -> create the \FieldType\Integer\Type  and then send it to the createstructure ?

Thank you

Tuesday 19 February 2013 4:06:47 pm

Hi Fabrice. One thing that may interest you:

The idea is to properly document the input values you can use for each FieldType. The ticket's description actually explains where the information can be found, and it may help you while the doc is being written (Ricardo is taking care of it as we speak).


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