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[EZ5.3] From Dev to Prod - ESI Configuration

[EZ5.3] From Dev to Prod - ESI Configuration

Tuesday 05 August 2014 6:30:31 pm - 3 replies


I just try the site that I was working on 4 month along, I had some trouble with js and css but I fixed it.Now I have a real problem and I can't figure out the cause, in some template the "location" variable does not exist, I use a enriched viewcontroller.

what am I doing wrong ? or did I forget any configuration ?



I found the cause, I change the render_esi to render and it works, so I undo my changes and in the vhost I putĀ SetEnv USE_HTTP_CACHE 0.

Modified on Tuesday 05 August 2014 7:19:36 pm by AbdelAli Eramli

Wednesday 06 August 2014 11:09:42 am


It's probably because of your custom controller code. Could you please show it (use a gist, you can them embed it here) ?

Wednesday 06 August 2014 11:22:58 am

Glad that you could solve your problem.

Be warned though that having http_cache off is definitely a performance penalty, and your site will not scale too well with huge traffic.

As Jerome said, there might be other ways to find a fix by changing either the template or controller (or both) while keeping the cache enabled

Modified on Wednesday 06 August 2014 11:23:50 am by Gaetano Giunta

Monday 22 September 2014 5:54:54 pm

I apologize for the delay, I think I found the solution

I passed an object instead of a value to render_esi, I had not paid attention to the noteĀ 

Only scalable variables can be sent via render_esi (not object)



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