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EZFind : search in full subtree but return only parent

EZFind : search in full subtree but return only parent

Thursday 29 January 2015 3:23:34 pm - 3 replies

Hello all,

I am building a forum and have a search issue. I need to create a text search in the whole forum. It has two classes : forum_subject and forum_answer. A forum_answer is always the child of a forum_subject.

I would like to search in both classes but return only forum_subject since I want to display only forum_subjects.

Do you have any clue about it ?

Thank you

Thursday 29 January 2015 3:30:51 pm

i'm afraid not by default. but maybe you can find some insipiration on this wonderful post by Benjamin at Mugo Website.

My idea here will be use that index time so you can add the contents from the forum anwers to a field added to your forum_subjects. then you could only search by forum subject and maybe it will work. 

Thursday 29 January 2015 3:40:17 pm

Thank you for your answer Carlos.

We have found this post : with the same issue. We'll give a try to this extension.

btw, the post you are talking about is great. I have used it this morning.


Friday 30 January 2015 1:00:40 pm

A follow up on this thread : i have tested this extension but it only index meta info (or i misunderstood). So I tried to make an indextime plugin.

I made :


$docList[$languageCode]->addField('extra_foobar_name_t', 'specificword');


It works well since i can find my info in localhost:8883/solr with a 'specificword' text query.

The problem is that ezfind "specificword" text query return nothing. Do you know why ? Do you have to register this "extra_foobar_name_t" as text searchable ?

Thank you very much


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