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eZP 4 to 5

eZP 4 to 5

Thursday 07 February 2013 12:58:09 pm - 3 replies

Hello everyone,

I have simple questions about this new version :

  • Does an ezp 4 installation can be copied to 5 without any modification in templates, views, settings...etc ?
  • Does ezp 5 still have the same organisation like ezp 4 (extension loaded from "extension" folder with everything inside) ?
  • What is the benefit of using ezp5/ezpublish_legacy instead of an old ezp 4 ?

Thank you guys

Thursday 07 February 2013 1:19:51 pm

Hi. For "copied" i understand "upgraded"? i mean, you have to do some work to make it ez5, but, in short yes, you don't need to do anything on yr legacy folder to make it work with ez5. 

for example, suppose you have a working last community version somewhere. it could 2012.11 if i'm not wrong. to make it ezpublish you can just install ez5 as said in the install process and make ezpublish_legacy be a symbolic link to yr current installation. 

For the second question, if you use legacy mode then in short yes. One of the good parts of this big move if, imho, how ez crew has maintained bc compability. if you maintain ezpublish legacy enabled, you can just work as you are doing now. 

About third question, it seems ezp5 with legacy mode gives better perfomance than ezp4. Have a look at

Thursday 07 February 2013 1:21:24 pm


  • Yes (assuming you don't use any of the long time deprecated features removed, see doc/bc/5.0 )
  • The legacy kernel has the same structure as 4.7, consider it as a 4.8 release sitting next to the new 5.0 kernel
  • By using it directly the only benefit is the hundred of bug fixes and small enhancements that have trickled into it since 4.7. Optionally it also opens possibility to slowly start to learn the new stuff, but to use it (even just REST v2), you need to run true the new stuff* so that cache invalidation and other integrations works.

Hope this helps a bit happy.gif Emoticon

* You can enable the "legacy_mode" setting pr siteaccess to signal that they are purely for legacy stuff, and still benefit from the integrations between the two kernels.

Modified on Thursday 07 February 2013 1:25:58 pm by André R

Thursday 07 February 2013 1:32:30 pm

Thanks thats great...gonna check those deprecated functions though.

Wouldn't surprise me if i had used some.



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