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eZPlatform-oriented bundle?

eZPlatform-oriented bundle?

Sunday 30 August 2015 8:05:38 pm - 5 replies

Where can I find - if it exists - a bundle skeleton ezplatform oriented?
Something like a naming convention for the configuration files or directories.

And above all, does this question make sense? happy.gif Emoticon


Monday 31 August 2015 8:22:47 pm

I created a sample bundle a while back, but It's far from optimal. It could use work, such as transferring settings to ezpublish_legacy instead of copying them.

Go ahead and check it on GitHub:

Tuesday 01 September 2015 8:56:48 am

We from Cjw Network have developed a ezpublish mutlisitesetup based on ezpublish platform (2014.11).

On our cjwpublish14111 installation you can publish more than one ezpublish installation! happy.gif Emoticon

All sitefiles and the sitekernel we put in one sitebundle. And this sitebundle can be used as startpoint for your own sitedevelopment. As an example our SiteCjwpublishBundle can be found here

It shows best practise.

- mutlilanguage  en / de

- simple host uri siteaccess matching

- full view override

- how to create pagenavigator

- creating treemenu

- creating path

- line views

- how to fetch content with sorting ..

- how to create a simple contactform without programming any php code !!!

- http 400 error handling - custom error page

.. and a lot more

Check out our prasentation from ez summercamp 2015 in croatia

Our cjwpublish1411 multisiteinstallation with demo sitebundle (database and demo varfiles) you can easy check out and install from @see

Our CjwPublishToolsBundle is heavily used in our demoSiteBundle

I hope this setup and the demosite will help you. It would be nice to get feedback, if our ideas of setting up the site is helpfull for you.

Modified on Tuesday 01 September 2015 9:17:32 am by Felix Woldt

Tuesday 01 September 2015 6:13:12 pm

Thank you! Now I start to study...

Thursday 03 September 2015 12:27:09 am


There is a good chance that Netgen will release something like this soon, so you will be able to choose more options blunk.gif Emoticon

Monday 07 September 2015 9:40:53 am

Good news! Thanks Ivo!!!


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