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Ezpublish 5 current node id inside ezflow twig block template

Ezpublish 5 current node id inside ezflow twig block template

Thursday 07 July 2016 5:47:19 pm - 3 replies

Hi all,
I'm currently working in a project using the ezpublish legacy admin and the new stack for final user. I'm having problems using ezflow blocks as I need to get the current landing page node id inside the block twig template. I have tried to print available variables using {{dump(var)}} but I get a white screen as the php allowed memory is exhausted. I also made a {{dump(_context|keys)}} to get the available variables and printed them individually but I also get white screen for some of them. Is there a template function to get the current node id or should I make a new controller to get it?.

Thank you,

Julian Mancera

Friday 08 July 2016 2:33:55 am



You need to pass it to the controller using params:

             {{ render_esi( controller( 'ez_page:viewBlockById', {
                'cacheSettings': { 'smax-age': 7200 },
                'params': {
            } ) ) }}

Then in the controller you have access to it and then you can do whatever you want and finally pass to the template:


     public function topicsPageAction( Block $block, array $params = array(), array $cacheSettings = array() )
        ... use the params, you can add more variables to it
        $response = $this->get( 'ez_page' )->viewBlock( $block, $params, $cacheSettings );

Friday 08 July 2016 2:46:58 pm

Hi Thiago,

First of all, thank you for you amazing youtube videos, they have been really help full in my learning process. 

Your advice worked like a charm!


Friday 08 July 2016 6:12:54 pm

Hi Julian

Glad to see the videos helped you and also good to see you solved the node id issue!


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