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eZPublish vs eZPlatform

eZPublish vs eZPlatform

Thursday 16 February 2017 10:15:05 am - 1 reply

Hello everybody,

In a business context, we have a project based on ezPublish 4.7 while taking advantage of the strength of ezPublish side Back Office (Tree of content, multipositioning, etc ...)

Our application exploit the maximum possible content tree,

1. Relation children and parent

2. Object Relation and Object Relation

3. Media Resources

4. ...

An update is planned for ezPltaform or eZPublish 5.x

My first question is what with the eZPltaform version implements all the features of ezPublsih 4.X, i.e is what I can have the same  content tree under eZPlatform ?


Another question please, is that I have to go from eZPublish 4.x to eZPublish5 then eZPlatform ?
Thank you

Monday 06 March 2017 5:49:08 am

Hello Amine,

Many people find that a hybrid approach and documentation helps in these transitions.

Continue your development towards eZ Publish Platform (user and admin siteaccesses). Leverage the existing eZ Publish Admin Siteaccess as long as needed. Migrate your user siteaccesses to eZ Platform / Symfony. Then evaluate and prepare to migrate your 'known requirements' of the eZ Platform UI (admin). With documentation of what you need/like to have/must have/need to develop will help you begin to seriously evaluate what you need to begin to leverage the Platform UI (admin).

Remember the content tree / database remains the same between siteaccesses happy.gif Emoticon So you can leverage this feature. You don't need to worry about the content tree changing or needing to change. Now other features are not quite the same story. Todate the PlatformUI does not provide for every feature provided for by the schema of the eZ Publish Platform (5.x) and may never will in some cases as we advance to greater features and implementations.

While you could in theory upgrade right past eZ Publish 5 (eZ Publish Platform) into eZ Platform many seem to be using the legacy admin for a little while longer until the Platform UI replacement offers more features.

While others still build a documentation matrix of all the low level features in the admin they rely upon and the available feature replacements provided by the Platform UI/New Stack. Topics of consideration include workflow, triggers, datatype text editors, roles and permissions, class definitions, etc. Many of the solutions required are being re-implemented, some by eZ and some by other individuals. Some locally / privately and others are sharing their work product.

Recently in the news people seem to have become inspired by the recent release of the CjW Admin Bundle

The key in all this is documenting your needs through this transition and making the most of the available tools while building your own.

I hope this helps! If only to start a larger conversation ...



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