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ezpublish.yml, different legacy_mode per siteaccess

ezpublish.yml, different legacy_mode per siteaccess

Thursday 31 January 2013 6:18:08 pm - 4 replies

there are 3 siteaccesses,

  1. customersite_user_de -> legacy_mode: false
  2. customersite_user_en -> legacy_mode: false
  3. customersite_admin_de -> legacy_mode: true

now I'm looking for the master setting for this,

            legacy_mode: false

to change ezpublish.yml manually makes no sense and if you do it, it is overridden by
php ezpublish/console ezpublish:configure <packageName> <adminSiteAccessName>

Thanks and greetings, ekke

Friday 01 February 2013 10:31:18 am

Hi Ekke.

I don't really understand your issue. What do you mean by master setting ?

Anyway You could place this setting in a siteaccess group for frontend.

Friday 01 February 2013 4:15:52 pm

Hi Jérôme,

I try to be more precise:

is the ezpublish.yml the only place, where I can set the legacy_mode: false


  • ezpublish:
  • ....siteaccess:
  • [...]
  • ....system:
  • ........ezdemo_group:
  • [...]
  • ........ezdemo_site:
  • ............legacy_mode: false
  • ............languages:
  • ................- eng-GB

or is the another place for this setting?

Thanks and greetings,



Friday 01 February 2013 5:13:51 pm

No, you can add these settings anywhere, as long as the YML file is correctly imported (see ezpublish_dev.yml for an example).

Monday 04 February 2013 5:45:26 pm

Hi Jérôme,

yes, that's how it works, thanks.

As memo:

Depending on your environment, you can have different variables, 

the Symfony documentation for this:

You can look into the eZ Publish files as an example:

  • ezpublish/config/config_dev.yml
  • ezpublish/config/config_prod.yml
  • ezpublish/config/config.yml

For changing the legacy_mode you have these files:

  • ezpublish/config/ezpublish_dev.yml
  • ezpublish/config/ezpublish_prod.yml
  • ezpublish/config/ezpublish.yml

and in your 

  • ezpublish/config/ezpublish_dev.yml
  • ezpublish/config/ezpublish_prod.yml

you write in YAML Syntax without .... :

  • imports:   
  • ....- { resource: ezpublish.yml }
  • ezpublish:
  • ....system:       
  • ........ezdemo_site:           
  • ............legacy_mode: false       
  • ........ezdemo_site_admin:           
  • ............legacy_mode: true

Greetings, ekke

PS: Literal text has no YAML and TWIG highlight.


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