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Form to edit ez User

Form to edit ez User

Friday 04 April 2014 12:03:27 pm - 2 replies

Hi !

I'm continuing in my crusade of ez users! 
I wish I could change my user profile. It is an object ezpublish user.
Is there a simple way to generate an edit form a ezpublish content (in my case user)? 
Thank you in advance, 


Tuesday 08 April 2014 12:58:02 pm

Nobody ? sad.gif Emoticon

Friday 11 April 2014 2:39:40 pm

Hah, forms... there are two answers.

With the new stack

Nothing is available out of the box yet. It is in our backlog, but not a priority as of now. We plan on moving on from the Sf2 Form component, but that's pretty much all we know. We have a couple hours ago merged a contact form feature to the DemoBundle, but it doesn't edit content.

You could also check heliopsis/ezforms-bundle, but I personally haven't used it yet. Quoting the README:

This bundle provides a flexible way to associate Symfony forms to eZPublish contents.


  • Form controller extending eZPublish's view controller
  • Facade pattern for flexible form handling
  • Separate interfaces for form instanciation, data handling and response generation
  • Abstract classes for content related data handling
  • Unit tests

With legacy

It's quite easy. You could simply send an edit content action to /content/action using a form in a twig template. It would work just fine, and you could override the edit form using legacy templates. Not sexy, but gets the job done out of the box.

Which do you prefer ?


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