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FOS Http Bundle and tagging

FOS Http Bundle and tagging

Thursday 29 January 2015 10:06:17 am - 3 replies

Hi there. i'm trying to enable tagging functionality for fos http cache bundle to do some tests. I've managed to update my vcl following their instructions but i cannot activate this functionality within eZ Publish itself... 

i've tried to add what it's said here in my ezpublish.yml file but when trying to clear caches after that i alwasy obtain this

[Symfony\Component\Config\Definition\Exception\InvalidConfigurationException]    Unrecognized option "tags" under "fos_http_cache.cache_manager"  

so, how should i proceed here?

Thanks in advance

Friday 30 January 2015 9:20:24 pm

I think this was skipped for now as it is not supported by Symfony HTTP cache yet, hence not something we can support on the two official cache alternatives.

It is a feature we would very much benefit from so hopefully we manage to do something on this together with other contributors to the bundle/lib soon.

Modified on Friday 30 January 2015 9:21:36 pm by André R

Friday 30 January 2015 9:30:23 pm

Ah, yep, i know it doesnt work with sf cache but i thought it could still be possible within ez and Varnish. At least Jérôme recommended me to digg about it happy.gif Emoticon

Thanks André.

Thursday 05 February 2015 9:36:32 am


While tagging won't work properly with content for now (Http cache purger is not ready yet for this), it is however possible to use the feature, as long as you use Varnish. It just seems that documentation for FOSHttpCacheBundle is incorrect, as tagging activation must be done directly under fos_http_cache root node (see reference doc where it's correct).

I just opened a PR to update the documentation.


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