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FullText Search and result missing

FullText Search and result missing

Monday 04 August 2014 11:24:50 am - 3 replies


When i try to test a simple full search with the name of my website :

 $query = new Query();            
$query->criterion = new LogicalAnd(                
new FullText('elys *'),           
new Subtree('1/2/377')                
) );

I have no result, but i'm sure to have the word in my subcontent.

If i try with an other word it's ok. I think it's due to elys it's the name of my website. Have you an idea ?


Friday 14 November 2014 2:52:11 pm

Hi Johann

I'm not sure wether your problem is solved now. I too have problems with simple full text searches (using 2014.05) and finally use a legacy closure to get the old content/search functionality and performance in the Symfony stack...


Thursday 10 December 2015 4:29:25 pm

This was most likely caused by stopThresholdValue as it is hard coded to a very low number in 2014.11 and earlier, so if you are on 2014.11 or earlier change it to 10000 or higher as a work around:
Fix was made for eZ Publish 5.3.5 / 5.4.2, and eZ Platform 2015.03:

Thursday 10 December 2015 5:27:42 pm

Thanks André!


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