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generate url by site access ? (twig)

generate url by site access ? (twig)

Tuesday 08 October 2013 1:00:01 pm - 2 replies

Hello everybody. 

On my website I have two menus : one concern the main site and the other concern a blog. 

However when I navigate on the blog the main menu is wrong. 

It should always point of the main site access. 

Main menu : 

         - MySite/article

         - MySite/article2

Blog menu : 

- MyBlog/article3

        - MyBlog/article4


But actually the main menu when I navigate on the blog is : 

- MyBlog/article

- MyBlog/article2

Actually the twig to render the menu : 

Is there a way to force the site access to render a link ? 

Thanks in advance. 


Tuesday 08 October 2013 1:31:30 pm

Hi Romain

This is indeed not possible if you use a URI for siteaccess matching. A workaround would be to use host matching.

However, the usecase might be interesting. Can you please report an issue on Jira ?

Thanks happy.gif Emoticon

Wednesday 09 October 2013 3:23:27 pm

Hi Jérôme,

Thanks for the help.

Issue create on Jira happy.gif Emoticon



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