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get the ParentLocationId from the actually location

get the ParentLocationId from the actually location

Tuesday 05 November 2013 9:03:04 pm - 1 reply


outside my content block i can get some information about the parentLocationId using : {{ezpublish.systemUriString}} like /content/location/229 .

inside my eZFlow element this information will be replaced with the Uri String  like "/mypage".

I need the ParentLocationId to display some information inside the child location.

Is there some methods to get it directly inside my controller using my actually LocationId .




PS: some information are lost within the ezpublish helper ! but not on the pagelayout.html.twig

Wednesday 06 November 2013 12:05:04 pm


I found one solution to get the parentLocationd from the actually location :

             $locationService = $this->getRepository()->getLocationService();
            $location = $locationService->loadLocation($LocationId);
            $parentLocationd= $location->parentLocationId;

what i have for is to display some child or other location Information in the parent page. something like child categories overview on the main page.

I bind my diferent location in an objektList attribute within my main page object.

In my template i get only the target object Ids as array using the objectList identifier. what i need is to get the LocationId from this Object to fetch the subcontent and to display it .

Right Now i can only get the parentLocationId only from my actually locationId.


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