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How to delete user with no node id or location?

How to delete user with no node id or location?

Wednesday 02 August 2017 11:02:37 am - 3 replies

Somehow we have a user with no node id and no location. Therefore, we can not delete the user by locating it in the User tree.

What's the safest way do delete this user? The user does not own any content...

Thursday 03 August 2017 7:31:08 am

Hello Tore,

Remember that a userID and contentObjectID are in short the same thing. So if you have a user without a nodeID you still have a user content object which is manageable by the system.

I legacy admin we would use the uri: "/content/history/14" or "/content/history/<userID|contentObjectID>" which would allow us to manage the item, say publish a new draft of the object so we could remove the object + node entirely.

While crude it worked well for years in countless situations.

If your not open to using legacy you could simply write a script which removes the user object though in eZ Publish Platform it's often recommended to have a place to store disabled users instead of removing them due to some integrity constrain edge cases.

I'm not certain offhand how eZ Platform UI handles edge cases like this ATM.

I hope this helps!


Thursday 03 August 2017 8:15:04 am

Hi Heath, thank you for your response. Iæve allready created a new published version of the user using the content/history/<ID> URL but the since the user has no location i cannot seem to find it in the User tree and thus no way to delete ut.


I'm not too comfortable operating outside admin GUI yet, so if i could solve this in another way than scripting I would be glad.

Modified on Thursday 03 August 2017 8:18:32 am by Tore Minsaas

Thursday 03 August 2017 8:22:24 am

Oh, I think I got it now. After storing a new version I got the option to select a location for the user. That way I could locate it in user tree afterwards.


Problem solved.


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