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How to exclude default image variation in ezoe wyswyg

How to exclude default image variation in ezoe wyswyg

Thursday 07 November 2013 4:56:37 pm - 2 replies


I tried to exclude default image variation in ezoe wyswyg.

I tried to include in parameters.yml 

 ezsettings.default.image_variations: [my images variation definition]

I can make it when i delete default.image_variations lines in /vendor/ezsystems/ezpublish-kernel/eZ/Bundle/EzPublishCoreBundle/Resources/config/default_settings.ymldefault_settings.yml.
But it's not the right way, there is a fallback system to do it ?


Thursday 07 November 2013 6:24:50 pm

Hi Pierre

Your simple question lead me to a longer journey.. We obviousely have at least two problems here...

  1. It seems that defining image variations in ezpublish.yml does not inactivate the default image variations. Maybe you have to resolve to your hack until the problem is solved.
  2. The Online Editor is part of eZ Publish legacy, and as this it relies on the settings in image.ini. The new kernel injects some of its settings there, as you can see in the admin interface (/settings/view), but other ones are still taken form the ini files from the activated extensions - a mix which is hard to understand.

In eZ Publish Legacy it was possible to hide specific image variations from the Online Editor. You would add the following directive to image.ini


A short test showed that this still works in eZ5. You might want to add all the unwanted image variations to /settings/override/image.ini.append.php - this will ensure that the directive is applied to all site accesses.

Cheers, Donat

Friday 08 November 2013 4:00:53 pm

Hi Donat,

thx for your reply, I exactly what i expected.
Kind regards



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