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How to maintain the ez4 "LastAccessesURI" session variable

How to maintain the ez4 "LastAccessesURI" session variable

Friday 03 October 2014 12:46:33 pm - 1 reply


When editing a page, the way the ez4 edit template use the "LastAccessesURI" session variable to redirect the user on the edited page once the changes are published (click on the buton "Send for Publishing"blunk.gif Emoticon.

How could I catch each request to display a page (the ez fallback - for each request that are not handled by our custom controler) in order to be able to set this session variable ?

Thanks for your help,


Sunday 05 October 2014 9:58:47 am

One way to achive what I wanted was to use a PreContentViewListener. It did the job, but I got problems when editing some fields which change the name of the object and so also change its associated url alias which did not match anymore the LastAccessesURI...

So I finally decided to get rid of the use this variable in my edit.tpl.



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