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How to override UserService ?

How to override UserService ?

Friday 28 August 2015 6:17:12 pm - 3 replies


I was trying to override UserService, in order to allow to implement a new password hash based on bcrypt.

I've already implemented a kernel override in legacy to support this and it's working fine, however in Symfony I don't see an easy way to do it.

Could anyone give me a hint if it is possible or should I consider a new user provider ?

Saturday 29 August 2015 12:10:53 am


first, we are very much interested in updating our default hash as soon as possible now that legacy is out.
So would be cool if you make it directly in the service, but I guess we are lacking hash migration on login of existing users as well in platform kernel. But as you'll probably need to deal with this anyway: PR highly welcome,even if it is not perfect happy.gif Emoticon

As for your question, you can technically extend or decorate the service to accomplish overriding it.
Btw, remember to use  ircmaxell/password-compat, simplifies things and makes it possible to support several PHP versions easily.

Modified on Saturday 29 August 2015 12:11:06 am by André R

Sunday 30 August 2015 2:24:07 am

Hi André,

I've created a new Jira issue with the following PR

Saturday 05 September 2015 11:50:30 am

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