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HWIOAuthBundle and ez5

HWIOAuthBundle and ez5

Wednesday 27 November 2013 7:53:40 pm - 2 replies


I don't know if you can help as this is out of the ez scope...

I'm trying to use HWIOAuthBundle to manage different type of connection (twitter, facebook, google...)

For using it, i've extend eZ\Publish\Core\MVC\Symfony\Security\User\Provider

After a lot of debug because of the bad install instruction, i've getting it working.

Now here is my problem with ez :

When this bundle is activated, i'm getting these error :

The value '' that you were trying to assign to parameter 'dbParams' is invalid. Allowed values are: string or array.

I've seen some issue about this but it was with command line, and have been resolved in january by André.

When i'm adding the siteaccess "default", it's ok but i get some problem managing siteaccess parameter like legacy_mode.

For example when i'm in the BO : url content/view/full match the admin siteaccess but not the url with url_alias i'm getting redirect to ezpublish demobundle pagelayout.

So i'm trying to see why the configResolver don't catch my database.params if i don't set default siteaccess

 $this->configResolver->getParameter( 'database.params' )

If someone can help me to understand where i should look, or what could generate this type of problem.. I think maybe siteaccess params are load to late or i d'ont know sad.gif Emoticon


Modified on Wednesday 27 November 2013 7:54:32 pm by H H

Thursday 28 November 2013 6:09:33 pm

Ok !!! I finally found my mistake ...

I was using the repository instead of the lazyRepository...

So in fact i was not necessary to pass the service (ezpublish.api.repository) as argument, it was just needed to get it throught $this->getRepository() inside my class witch extend Provider.... otherwise the repository is build to earlier i guess

Friday 29 November 2013 11:39:22 am

One note: we will, in the future, try to avoid injecting the Repository into controllers. It feels a lot like injecting the container, and this is naughty.

Instead, you can, if it works for you, inject individual services into your controllers: ezpublish.api.service.content, ezpublish.api.service.location...


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