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Image variation wrong resize when content is updated

Image variation wrong resize when content is updated

Friday 24 April 2015 11:15:26 am - 2 replies

Hi there,

I have set up some image variations that works great when I create a content.

But I get a weird behavior when I edit this very same content: the image is resized with strange dimensions.

Here's my image variation:

I post a 526x526px "4954-1-fre-FR/Apero-Technique-06-le-23-06-2015.png" image, I get a 380x253px "4954-1-fre-FR/Apero-Technique-06-le-23-06-2015_medium.png" image. Everything works as expected.

Now if I update my content and save it without modifying anything, the "4954-1-fre-FR/Apero-Technique-06-le-23-06-2015_medium.png" image is now 200x133px.

If I delete this image variation from the disk, I get a new image created with right dimensions.

What's happening?


Modified on Friday 24 April 2015 11:20:49 am by Julien Huon

Wednesday 06 May 2015 3:44:45 pm

Hi Julien,

I think this post can help you:


Saturday 09 May 2015 10:14:49 pm

Thanks for pointing this out Soufian.

I guess my problem comes from the image aliases defined in eZ Publish Legacy. They do not match with the ones defined in eZ 5.

It seems that the admin interface uses the eZ Publish legacy aliases when a content is edited from there.

It should be solved now.


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