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Implementation of a connection SSO on eZ Publish 5

Implementation of a connection SSO on eZ Publish 5

Thursday 06 November 2014 10:46:02 am - 1 reply

I work on an intranet project using version 2014.7 of eZ Publish. I handle the SSO connection of the site.
The administration interface is in full legacy mode ans the public interface is in full Symfony 2.
On the back office, I implemented the connection with a legacy extension which uses plexcel.
In config files (security.yml), il add the following line in firewall parts :
    pattern: ^/
    anonymous: ~
    # Adding the following entry will activate the use of old SSO handlers.
    ezpublish_legacy_sso: ~
        require_previous_session: false
    logout: ~
On the other hand, on the front office, I don't manage to implement it.
On the front office, the process tries to authenticate the user but goes in an infinity loop.
On the other hand,, if I turn the front office in legacy mode, the authentification works, but the other pages are down.
Has anybody already encounter this problem ? If yes, what is your solution ?

Sunday 08 January 2017 11:00:40 am



I have the same problem.

Can anyone advise ?


thank you


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