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Inexplicable search results from the SearchService

Inexplicable search results from the SearchService

Thursday 05 February 2015 7:46:43 pm - 1 reply

I'm experiencing some inexplicable behaviour from the SearchService on an 5.3.4 installation. The following code is used for searching:

 <span>$q = $this->getRequest()->query->get('q', '');</span>
<span>        $query = new Query();        $query->filter = new Query\Criterion\FullText( $q );</span>
<span>        $query->criterion = new Criterion\LogicalAnd(            array(                new Criterion\Subtree( $this->get( 'ezpublish.api.repository' )->getLocationService()->loadLocation( $intranetLocationId )->pathString ),            )        );</span>
<span>        $result = $this->get( 'ezpublish.api.repository' )->getSearchService()->findContent( $query );</span>

One of the Content objects is named "Aktuelt". When I set this as the search query, no result is given. However, if I rename the "Aktuelt" content to "Aktualiteter" and query for the same name, the content is returned. If I change it back to Aktuelt and search for the same name, no result is given.

For another object which did not provide a result I also tried changing the name, and this resulted in it returning a hit. When changing it back to the name which did not previously return a hit, all of a sudden it did.

This does, of course, sound completely bonkers, so most likely I'm doing somehting wrong here, but I have no idea what. Is there any possible logical explanation for what could be causing this?


Thursday 05 February 2015 9:04:07 pm

Maybe a duplicate of this issue:

short: If "Aktuelt" is used several times the by default very eager stop threshold kicks in.


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