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Is it possible to integrate ezteamroom into ezPublish 5?

Is it possible to integrate ezteamroom into ezPublish 5?

Thursday 22 November 2012 6:54:22 pm - 2 replies


I would like to know if someone currently has integrated ezteamroom into ezPublish 5.

This is my very first post happy.gif Emoticon

Thank you.


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Thursday 22 November 2012 10:43:28 pm

I hope sohappy.gif Emoticon


Saturday 24 November 2012 1:54:27 am

Yes, it will most likely already work without any changes on the bundled legacy kernel.

But to be able to really use it in the Symfony part someone would need to re implement the code in the new stack. This would be a great opportunity to make some of this a core part of eZ Publish itself, for instance eZ Publish certainly has a need for a way to let eZ bundles check requirements, and do install/unstall/upgrade/downgrade steps like xmlinstaller did somewhat.


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