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ISBN FieldType

ISBN FieldType

Friday 04 April 2014 2:02:59 am - 4 replies

Hi again

While ISBN field type is not implemented in eZ Publish 5, what is the best way to render the value of this field in a twig template?

Cheers and thanks


Monday 07 April 2014 11:36:33 am

Hi again

I am considering attempting to implement this field type... or, given the complexity of implementing a custom field type, perhaps I should convert my field into a simple text line and forget about the special handling (for the time being).

Are there any plans to officially implement ISBN field type in 5.x?

Cheers and thanks for the feedback


Monday 07 April 2014 7:18:26 pm



have you read this page : https://confluence.ez.no/display/EZP/Implementing+the+Legacy+Storage+Engine+Converter?src=search

You can build a Legacy Storage converter to acces to your datas on SF2 stack.

Tuesday 08 April 2014 2:57:19 pm

Hi and thanks for the tip.

I've already read that and I've been working on a PR to implement this field type. At the moment I am stuck, trying to figure how to run the unit tests, in order to implement them



Friday 11 April 2014 3:05:22 pm

Did you forget to link to your PR on purpose ? blunk.gif Emoticon


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