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Issue with pagelayout and "node"

Issue with pagelayout and "node"

Wednesday 17 April 2013 5:18:48 pm - 5 replies

Hi all,

I'm trying eZ 5 for the first time, and of course, I have some problems happy.gif Emoticon

I installed the demo bundle, and I created mine.

I changed the ezpublish_legacy.view.default_layout: MyBundle::pagelayout.html.twig in parameters.yml

When I test a "controller" I can see my twig templates (the view + the pagelayout)

But, if I want to see a "node" : or, it does not work. The extension/ezdemo/design/ezdemo/templates/pagelayout.tpl is used instead of mine.

Any idea ?

Wednesday 17 April 2013 5:31:37 pm

Hi Nicolas

/content/view/<nodeId> URI belongs to the legacy kernel. To get access to raw location view, the new URI is /content/location/<locationId>/<viewType> (view type defaults to full).

Wednesday 17 April 2013 5:59:06 pm

OMG ! So simple... Thank you !

Wednesday 17 April 2013 6:07:34 pm

Note to myself : R better TFM !

But still uses the legacy, even if works fine with the new templates.

Modified on Wednesday 17 April 2013 6:07:56 pm by Nicolas Lescure

Wednesday 17 April 2013 9:01:14 pm

Hello Nicolas,

Check your ezpublish/config/ezpublish.yml file. Your siteaccess should not have "legacy_mode: true".

Else if your configuration file is okay force to reload your web browser cache.. Sometimes its doesn't work well :/


Thursday 18 April 2013 8:42:56 am

Perfect! Thanks.


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