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Kaliop/ezmigrationbundle and custom typefield

Kaliop/ezmigrationbundle and custom typefield

Friday 24 November 2017 7:04:34 pm


i'm using ezmigrationbundle (kaliop).

When i use the generate command i have a .yml file with all my content class informations.

But if i use a custom typefield (enum), the "fieldsettings" property in my yml file is empty. But i have some data so it shouldn't be empty. The data is not stored in my contentclass_attribute table but in a ezenum table (externalData?).

I don't know what should i do to fix this. Do i need to edit the legacy converter ? the type.php or the value.php of my custom typefield ? How can i tell to kaliop bundle where to look for the data?

It's my first time with ezpublish and i am a little lost (i'm a new dev in this project). If you have an idea or a link to some doc which could help me, i will be gratefull.

Thanks happy.gif Emoticon !

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