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Legacy logs in the Symfony 2 profiler: I can haz it

Legacy logs in the Symfony 2 profiler: I can haz it

Saturday 25 January 2014 2:59:40 pm

Since I was working on merging a pull request from @dspe, that adds the list of templates (legacy & twig) to the Symfony 2 profiler (#695), I thought it would maybe be nice to also get the legacy logs in there.

I tried to figure out a proper way to do it, and came up with this solution:

It is a bit ugly (kernel override + eval, COMBO !), but well, it works.

Can anyone else think of a smarter way to do this ? I'd ideally like NOT to copy the existing eZDebug class, and would like this to work without *any* change in ezpublish legacy.

Do you think it  would be nice to have the legacy logs show up there ?

If this goes anywhere, an improvement could be to use a dedicated logger, with a custom channel (like ezpublish_legacy) so that those logs can be saved to a separate file.

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