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Login by email ONLY Front and Back office

Login by email ONLY Front and Back office

Tuesday 09 June 2015 6:27:26 pm - 4 replies

Hi there,

I've read that since eZ 5.3 the login system has been delegated to SF.

That is why I am following this toturial :

Is there a new fresh (config) solution to login by email or this solution posted last year is the only one ?

If it is the only one, i have few problems to transform XML service definition to YML. Can anyone Help ?
The converter that we can find on the web is not working.

eZ Version : 5.4 (2014.11)

Thanks, Cheers.

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Wednesday 10 June 2015 1:24:32 am

Hello Task,

Why don't you post your current service yaml settings as a Gist and embed it into this forum thread?

Then we can help you with any problems we see from your converted xml to yaml service definitions.

I hope this helps!


Wednesday 10 June 2015 1:40:07 am

Hello Task,

I took up the challenge to try to first validate the xml provided in the blog post's service.xml example (which took some work since it was very incomplete example and not copy and paste re-usable), then converted the xml to yaml.

Here is the results of my efforts. Please note I have not tested this conversion with eZ but at a brief glance the conversion looks correct.

Here is the validated (modified) service.xml:

Here is the converted service.yml:

Note: I share more about how I did this in the gist comments:


Also note that the xml comments which -you the developer- need to fill in with valid input are omitted in the converted yml. IE: empty ' ' values which I think should be altered.

I hope this helps!


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Wednesday 10 June 2015 10:28:46 am

Hi // Heath !

I'm really thankful for you time !

I wanted to know if this solution was good and if there was another (better) one.

I will try what you have posted and come back to you.

Sorry, I usually take more time to explain the problem I have, but i was a bit in a hurry yesterday.


Saturday 13 June 2015 9:58:48 am

We wrote our own bundle for this.


It allows the user to log in using their email address but it doesn't prevent the user from logging in using their username. That is not exactly what you want.

It would be great if you or someone could fork our bundle and add an option to prevent the user from using their username.




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