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loginname is case-sensitive

loginname is case-sensitive

Tuesday 02 September 2014 5:19:51 pm

loginname is case-sensitiv. Some user(customers happy.gif Emoticon ) dont like it blunk.gif Emoticon .

I found a solution to realize this, i can't found any inconvenient or trouble to work with it :

The loadUserByCredentials() method compare the calculated password hash with this saved in the user object. The loadByLogin() call is using the SPI Handler and return the right user object .it doesnt care about lower and upper case in the loginname.

So i passed the $spiUser as parameter to the createPasswordHash() method instead of the $login variable.

it looks like this now in the USerService.php

 $spiUser = $this->userHandler->loadByLogin( $login );
        $passwordHash = $this->createPasswordHash(

The paswordHash is now correct calculated .


Community Project 2014.1

Any Suggestions?

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