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MapLocation rendering problem

MapLocation rendering problem

Wednesday 08 April 2015 10:58:01 am - 4 replies

Hi there. i'm stumbled on this issue. Maybe anyone can help me. 

I have a class with a ezgmaplocation field. in one of its contents, for the ezgmaplocation field i have this latitude/longitude point  40.416691, -3.700345

i'm trying to render it with the symfony stack. problem is for a reason i still haven't found, decimals dots are transformed to commas. actually, doing a dump in the content_fields twig template for the field.value i have this

As a result, i have this javascript call in the mapView 

and because of that it seems i'm passing 5 parameters to the function instead of three. and for this, instead of pointing me in Madrid it points me in the middle of the ocean happy.gif Emoticon

So, question is... anyone has any clue why or where those decimal points are transformed to commas? 

Thank you. 

Thursday 09 April 2015 3:52:26 pm

Hi Carlos,

that is not handled by eZ kernel, so I would bet the problem comes from somewhere in Twig.

Maybe this can be of help:



Thursday 09 April 2015 4:15:19 pm

Hi Petar. I've asked the same in symfony irc channel and they told me it maybe has to do with localization and that twig may be rendering floats with "," instead of "." for my locale (spanish)

I've seem that in legacy gateway storage why do a float casting of the latitude and longitude.

Can't really say if that is the cause, but to be sure, could we apply number format as you suggest in our twig template

Actually this is what i've done to solve this problem, having a dedicate template for rendering this.

Thursday 09 April 2015 4:45:02 pm

Hi Carlos,

that should not be the cause, as the formatting is left for template engine.

I think your proposal makes sense, JS should not be broken per locale. happy.gif Emoticon

Do you want to create an issue?

Thursday 09 April 2015 4:53:55 pm

Sure, done.

And pr at

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