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Migration roadmap

Migration roadmap

Monday 16 July 2012 11:05:48 am - 9 replies


recent news about ezpublish 5 and its symphony integration are pretty exciting and it seems eZ engineering is doing a great job, both on the CMS itself and on a smooth migration process. I can't wait to use this new tool happy.gif Emoticon However I miss some knowledge about the migration roadmap, featurewise.

We do have some info about what is already migrated and what is being worked on by watching the github repo but we do not have a global roadmap (or backlog, or anything) about what's coming next or later or never. I know there's still plenty of work with the eZPublish core but I also think of major extensions like eZFind or eZFlow that IMHO should be ported to symphony quite soon.

Are there any resources that I missed or plans to publish this kind of info (maybe with priority feedback from the community) ?



Monday 16 July 2012 3:23:20 pm

Hi Ben

There will be further communication later of course, but what I can say is :

  • We are currently working on porting the demo design, introduced in 4.7, to the new stack. This will be a good example and a good starting point for everyone happy.gif Emoticon.
  • Admin interface revamp will not be part of eZ Publish 5.0. It will run through the legacy routing fallback mechanism. We are currently thinking about a solution allowing to write extensions for the admin interface in the new stack.
  • Most features from eZ Flow will be moved to the core (mainly ezpage field type). This is also the case for eZ Star Rating (see the converter for legacy compatibility).
  • eZ Find won't be ported since the new API suppports search handlers. So basically, we will provide a search handler for Solr (probably as a separate bundle).

To summarize, the main focus for now is developing the core happy.gif Emoticon

Tuesday 17 July 2012 10:12:16 am

Hi Jérôme, thanks for your answer.

My question was also about core features : you made it clear that the legacy kernel will probably be used until version 6 which means that some core features aren't scheduled to be migrated till then. It would be nice to know how all this is being prioritized.

Will we get more info about that before the Etna release ?

Tuesday 17 July 2012 10:19:15 am

Quote from Benjamin Choquet :

Will we get more info about that before the Etna release ?

You mean Kilimanjaro, right ?

Tuesday 17 July 2012 11:04:37 am

I mean the first ezp5 release, sorry if I mixed the mountains up, it's been a bit hard to follow blunk.gif Emoticon

Tuesday 17 July 2012 10:16:31 pm

Quote from Benjamin Choquet :

I mean the first ezp5 release, sorry if I mixed the mountains up, it's been a bit hard to follow blunk.gif Emoticon

ah! I'm not the only one to be confused by the code names instead of version numbers! blunk.gif Emoticon

More seriously, since we are not able to rewrite all the eZ Publish 4 features in the new Symfony 2 stack in one (or even two or three) version, we'll adopt a more progressive strategy and thanks to the legacy fallback, we should still be able to provide a full featured eZ Publish.

I'm unsure whether a roadmap exists at the moment or not and we all know what usually happens with roadmaps blunk.gif Emoticon But as mentioned by Jérôme, the version 5.0 should be able to serve a site similar to what the current demo design does with the new stack, this mainly means content/view and most of its dependencies being ported to Symfony; at least this is the main objective. Each following versions should get some new core features implemented within the new stack.


Wednesday 18 July 2012 11:30:50 am


Quote from Damien Pobel :

 I'm not the only one to be confused by the code names instead of version numbers!

Well version numbers ain't that clear themselves blunk.gif Emoticon

Alright, I understand the huge amount of work to be done and the transition state of v5. I don't want to sound trollish but what I hear is there is no big picture of the migration. As a developer user, I'd like to know what to expect in a short to middle term. I don't mean a detailed roadmap with release dates but maybe a global v4 feature list and their migration status (done, next sprint, todo, dropped, ...). This could be leveraged by the community to help decide the most useful features and maybe set up small teams and make the v6 development faster. Though you're obviously doing a great job at smoothing the transition, I'm sure nobody wants to get stuck with both kernels in two years.

Monday 20 August 2012 3:37:06 pm

In recent versions of eZPublish the Shop tab has been hidden by default from Admin siteaccess.

I would like to know if Shop functionalities will be ever ported in EZPublish 5 or if EZPublish 4.x is the last version of this CMS with ECommerce embedded.

Thank you for the answer and for your work on EZP5.

Modified on Monday 20 August 2012 3:37:38 pm by Davide Garzetti

Tuesday 21 August 2012 10:28:32 am

Hi Davide

At least shop functionalities won't be provided in the core any more. The fact that eZ Publish 5 is now based on Symfony 2 increase the chance to have great existing shop features in eZ Publish.

Tuesday 21 August 2012 11:33:01 am


I'm also interested in older or less useful modules, like shop or Design tab, toolbars...

Some of them are outdated and uncomfortable. Is it worth to port them?

What happens to them?

Modified on Tuesday 21 August 2012 1:15:09 pm by Karol Radziuk


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