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Missing characters on first page load after cache clear

Missing characters on first page load after cache clear

Monday 09 July 2012 5:19:21 pm - 2 replies


There's a good chance I've done something very stupid but for the life of me I can't work out what's going on. If my server 1 runs a little curl script to fetch a REST node off server 2 it works...UNLESS I've just cleared the cache (on server 2). When that happens the end of the response is:


Instead of:


Any ideas or places I can start looking to work out why?

Modified on Monday 09 July 2012 5:22:03 pm by Jon Staines

Monday 09 July 2012 5:27:07 pm

That's weird... Which cluster API do you use ?

Monday 09 July 2012 5:37:06 pm

Not a cluster. This is just two separate ez installs but one of them needs to be able to show some of the content from the other one.


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